The Best Beaches of Halkidiki

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The beaches of Halkidiki are the natural phenomena, boasting with endless coastlines, golden sands and beautiful landscapes of the Aegean Sea. The most favored destinations of Halkidiki are the peninsular Kassandra and Sithonia. Which one will suit you most of all? Keep on reading to find out!

The Best Beaches of Halkidiki

One of the Most Blue Flag Awarded Regions of Greece

The necessity to relax from daily hustle and bustle, business or routine acutely rises, when one starts planning his vacation. However, in practice, it is not so easy to choose a place you wish to relax at. It all depends on what location at Halkidiki one will finally choose.

The Blue Flag is one of the eco-labels recognized worldwide. Its main function is to define the level of comfort for marinas, beaches and boating tourism operators. One will be surprised to learn that 52 of 430 awarded beaches in Greece are found in Halkiidiki. The most famous of them are: Sani, Ouranoupoli, Armenistis, Porto Carras, Fourka, Nea Moudania and Kriopigi.

Open Halkidiki

Halkidiki is a peninsular, whose area comprises three parts:

  • Kassandra;
  • Aghion Oros;
  • Sithonia.

The most popular tourist destinations are Kassandra and Sithonia.

The most beautiful Beaches of Kassandra

The nature of this peninsular makes you fall in love with it at first sight.

The peninsular of Kassandra is a place, where you can find the best sand and pebble beaches.

Sand beaches of Kassandra

лучшие пляжи кассандры

  1. Siviri is a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by luscious landscapes. It is located in the very heart of Kassandra and is perfect for a weekend daytrip. Every summer this place into a crowded location thanks to the Kassandra Festival.
  2. Kallithea Beach is a one of the beautiful beaches with clear sand and pure waters. It is located just a few steps away from Hotel Kriopigi.
  3. Kriopigi is a gorgeous beach that has obtained the Blue Flag award. One can perfectly stretch on the white sands, surrounded by pine trees and turquoise waters.
  4. Sani Beach is an idyllic escape, where you can walk along white sands, bask in the sun and soak in the clear waters of the Aegean.
  5. Paliouri Beach is one of the best beaches on Kassandra. It boasts with the abundance of green surroundings and lots of water sport facilities. In the middle of the beach you can find Cabana Beach Bar – a fashionable location for perfect unwinding.
  6. Nea Phokea is a great choice to relish summer vacation, warm sands and tempting transparency of the Aegean Sea.
  7. Nea Plagia and Nea Flogita are two interconnected beaches, promoting nothing but tranquility, renovation and fulgent waters, surrounded by pebbled promenade. These two beaches are great if you wish to spend a romantic weekend and enjoy a walk or a ride along pebbled promenades.

Pebble Beaches of Kassandra

Possidi Cape is a beautiful desert stretched for about one kilometer. This marvelous beach offers white sands with small pebbles, penetrating deeply into the sea.

Τhe Best Option for Clubbers in Kassandra

Kallithea is a lively escape that provides high quality travel services, budget-friendly accommodations, bars, clubs, and beautiful beaches on the forested rise between Kassandra and Sithonia. Its distinctive feature is the abundance of greenery, so much unusual for Greece.

This charming village is the most popular location of Halkidiki in summer. It is mostly favored by the youth coming both from the neighborhood and Thessaloniki to regular beach parties, held by the best DJs in Greece.

The village also boasts with a famous landmark – the Sanctuary of Zeus Ammon – set in close vicinity to the seashore.

Beaches of Sithonia

The beaches of Sithonia are popular thanks to crystal waters, soft sands and a kind of “solitude” (they are not so developed and overcrowded). These wild beaches attract lots of travelers with children and the ones, searching for a quiet hideaway.

Sand Beaches of Sithonia

  1. Karidi beach is a pleasant spot with little infrastructure facilities, represented by Melia restaurant. There are no sun beds and bars: only you and aquamarine waters! This place is one of the best beaches for kids: one may walk “a mile”, but the level of waters won’t get past the waist.
  2. Kavourotrypes beach is the nudist beach with cliffs and rocks perfectly blend with clear green-blue waters. There are a few bars in the beach. When the vacation season goes down, one can enjoy almost deserted environment! It usually happens in September.
  3. Tristinika beach is a marvelous place with amazingly transparent waters. In the middle of the beach one can find the bar, which creates the atmosphere of Thailand, attracts lots of visitors and provides cooling refreshments.
  4. Porto Koufo beach is a partially-organized sandy area, which is located in the bay. Its distinctive feature is that the depth of water quickly increases. This peculiarity makes it a splendid option for divers and fisherman.
  5. Porto Carras beach is a well-organized field that is found in the rating of the Blue Flag as the “Blue Flag 1”. It is a part of the 5-star resort Porto Carras resort. It has limited access and is provided with comfy sun beds and umbrellas. The resort area also comprises facilities for renovation and entertainment: spa centers, restaurants and playgrounds for kids. The depth of water increases gradually what makes it convenient for swimming.
  6. Armenistis beach is one of Northern Greece’s most renowned areas. It possesses an award by the Blue Flag and provides all the necessary equipment for premium comfort during vacation.
  7. Lagomandra beach is a “Blue Flag”-rated beach, set in the north of Neos Marmaras. The pine tree surroundings create wonderful shades, where one can hide from the sun. The beach offers facilities for swimming on air matrasses, water sports, sunbathing and dining.
  8. Kriaritsi beach is a large bay area, which comprises two beaches. It is favored by both the nudists and usual travelers, who come to windsurf or enjoy kiteboarding. The waters there are deep enough. The beach area is provided with sun bed and umbrellas.

Pebbled beaches of Sithonia

best beaches of sythonia

  1. Nikiti beach is a felicitous area welcoming travelers with white sands and sun umbrellas. One should mention that some pebbles may occur in the water. Recent renovation and infrastructure development turned this place into one of the most favored destinations. You can also see bars and restaurants there. The nearby marina has got a distinctive award from the Blue Flag.
  2. Akti Elia Beach is a pleasant option for renovation, which is located in the western shore of Sithonia. It may perfectly fit guests coming with children. The tourists will have to enjoy warm sand mixed with small pebbles. The nearby cliffs provide wonderful hideaways from the hot sun thanks to the pine trees, which seem to fall from above.
  3. Paradisos beach is a sweet Paradise with mixed coating (pebbles with sand) and efficient organization. It is found in the north of Neos Marmaras. The magnetizing waters hide unusual sea bottom: at first one may feel stones and pebble, the next step made – and your feet drown in soft sand. Within a few-minute walk you can have a snack or dine at the restaurants and bars of premium quality.
  4. Vourvourou beach is an exceptional place set near the semi-called village. It is characterized by a plenty of soft sand with occasional pebbles. It is favored greatly by the guests of local hotels coming with children. The necessary equipment for sunbathing is usually provided by the accommodation one stays in. This beach also ensures a wonderful opportunity to rent a boat and cut through the waves, enjoying the slight breeze.

If you search for a memorable experience on the shores of the Aegean Sea, just define whether you wish to party, relax with kids or have a romantic stay with a beloved person. Anyway, a great charge of new feelings is guaranteed by each of the beaches on Kassandra and Sithonia.