“Sleeping Shops” or Siesta in Greece

2018-10-17 17:14:56 All about everything

What turns a trip into a perfect remembrance? Of course new feelings and entire carelessness one experiences during his vacation! Going into a brand new town demands preparation: study the information about the city, its customs, and search for distinctive peculiarities. Prepare a checklist in order not to miss any of the sights and hit the road as quickly as possible!

“Sleeping Shops” or Siesta in Greece

Origin of the word "Siesta"

Siesta (from Spanish) is a notion, which denotes the state of the afternoon nap. It is more inherent to the countries with the hot climate, such as Spain, the Philippines, Greece, Italy, and Nigeria.

From Latin “siesta” means the 6th hour or the noon.

The tradition to take a “midday” nap originates from ancient Islam. It was also mentioned in Koran and was regularly “used” by the Romans.

What about Greece?

siesta in greece

In modern Greece, it’s highly recommended to keep silence from 2 till 3 – 5 pm. It is said that the one, who sleeps well – works well either. Siesta makes all banks, shops, offices, stores, and restaurants “fall asleep” for some hours. Moreover, this “quiet time” is regulated by the law. Athens seems to be a slight exception because of the tourists.

It’s natural for a person to feel a bit sleepy after a hearty dinner. Moreover, it’s is natural for a human body to feel slightly tired, if a person wakes up very early. The geographical location also has the influence on these countries. The heat comes to its peak and makes all alive creatures hide from high temperatures.

A short nap (approximately 30 minutes) does miracles for a body:

  • improves general well-being;
  • redirects the state of stress and high blood pressure;
  • prevents from depression occurrence;
  • improves memory and the cognitive process;
  • prevent cardiovascular decease, which occurs mostly among young men;
  • makes the body feel recharged until late hours.

If you don’t have a wish to sleep all day long during vacation, just try to not to use the radio to avoid extra noise and do not speak in a loud voice.