Vacation in Greece in March and April: Places to go and see on holiday

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It comes as no surprise that Greece is considered the best place for summer beach recreation. Hellene has it all to make your Greek vacation a memorable experience: the beautiful sea, hot sands, comfortable hotels, and this list can go on. Why not spend the incoming of spring in this sunny country? Furthermore, the weather in Greece in March is always a pleasure not only to its residents but travellers as well.

Vacation in Greece in March and April: Places to go and see on holiday

What is the weather like in Greece in March and April?

Spring comes to Greece quite early. The average air temperature in March seldom falls lower than +15°C. Moreover, it often reaches +20°C. Herewith, it is not warm enough to swim in the sea and lay in the sun. Nonetheless, visiting Greece in March is considered the most favourable time for visiting its famous landmarks and places of interest. And in April, the sun is even hotter! In the south of Greece, the bravest are already swimming for the first time.

Air temperature in March in different regions of Greece


Average air temperature in the daytime

Average air temperature at night


+14,6 ℃

+6,9 ℃

Olympic Riviera

+15 ℃

+7,4 ℃


+14,3 ℃

+8,3 ℃


+16,4 ℃

+10,3 ℃


+11,9 ℃

+9,9 ℃


+15,9 ℃

+13,2 ℃


+15,2 ℃

+11,8 ℃


+15,8 ℃

+9,6 ℃


+16,2 ℃

+ 14,7 ℃

The Peloponnese

+13,6 ℃

+9,1 ℃


What are the things to do in Greece in March?

After clarifying weather details, one has to determine what activities to take in Greece in early spring, when most hotels do not operate as well as the majority of entertainment centres. You will be surprised to learn that spring provides no smaller range of options for entertainment than summer.


With an excursion over Greece

Spring in Greece is the best time for visiting local attractions. Their choice is diverse. Furthermore, none of the archaeological sites or museums is locked for a break. Herewith, you can hardly find these places overcrowded in spring. What are the places to visit in Greece in March? Let us consider several variants of excursions in Greece:

  • Thessaloniki is the northern capital of Greece. The city has an airport and a well-developed infrastructure. You can visit many museums and archaeological sites there. A guided tour will undoubtedly be more informative than a tour on your own. The main peculiarity of the city and, at the same time, its advantage is the system of streets development. It is impossible to get lost here as all the streets are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the beach promenade.
  • Athens is the capital of Greece, which is over 2000 years old. To visit the famous Acropolis, enjoy a cup of coffee in the bar with an exceptional view, and go to the Greek market to buy some souvenirs – can you draw a better plan for a holiday?
  • Meteora is a geological wonder of nature. The headlong rocks, floating in the air, serve as a home for the XVI century’s Orthodox Christian monasteries. This site is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. There is hardly a person in the world who has never dreamt of visiting Meteora. Excursions to this marvellous place are available from any region in Greece.
  • Olympus-Dion-Vergina – this excursion is designed for the fans of Ancient Greece history and myths. In just one day, you can visit the legendary Mount Olympus, visit the sanctuary of Zeus – the ancient city of Dion, and go on a historical adventure by exploring King Philip II of Macedon’s reign at Vergina.
  • Kastoria is a small mountainous city, which is considered the homeland of furrier’s craft. It is worth visiting not only for buying a new fur coat or fur waistcoat but also for unforgettable emotions. An excursion here allows a visitor to gain knowledge about the different epochs of Greece, from the beginnings of its civilization up to the present days. Apart from that, the town is incredibly beautiful on its own. While enjoying a walk by the famous Lake Orestiada, you can often see the world’s most beautiful birds – the pink flamingos.

To thermal springs for health

Greece is rich not only in historical sites but also in recreation resorts. In the vicinity of Pella city, you can recreate in thermal springs of Loutra Pozar. The local hydrotherapy facility is built right on the thermal springs. Tourists from across the world regularly come here to experience the healing properties of local waters.

The water temperature in the local pools reaches +37°C all year through. There are several equipped pools with thermal waters in its territory. Some of them have direct access to the mountain river. Thus, visitors often take a type of contrast baths, plunging in the cold mountain river immediately after the hot pool. Loutra Pozar also has indoor baths and a SPA, welcoming visitors by appointment.

To public holidays and festivals

If you adore visiting public holidays and various celebrations, then Greece in March is the best match for you.

In late February – early March, Greece hosts a chain of carnivals. The word “carnival” is translated in Greek as “apokries.” Apokries usually involves three weeks of dancing, a significant number of songs and plenty of jokes. The brightest carnivals take place in Patras, Xanthi, Corfu Island, and Rethymnon (the Island of Crete). The dates are different each year. Nonetheless, the only condition is always fixed – it is held seven weeks before Easter.

On 25 March, the Greeks usually celebrate the Annunciation by Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary. This day is a double holiday in Greece. It coincides with a national holiday – it was the day when the Greeks declared Revolutionary war against the Turks in 1821. That is why on 25 March, all Greek cities host military parades.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, before a trip to Greece, you should necessarily clarify whether there are public celebrations during this period.

Where should I stay in Greece?

Now, you have already got it clear which places to visit in Greece in March. The only thing left is the accommodation. There are many hotels in every region of the country. Most of them operate all year through. They are always glad to welcome you as their dearest friends.

Nonetheless, if you want to feel yourself as if you were a Greek and live like at home, then you should think of renting a house near the landmarks from your “must-visit” route. If you are going on a trip with a big family or friends, then the rental of a big house will become a perfect variant for you. You can find both comfortable cottage houses and luxurious villas on Aktis.Villas.