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Do you want bright colours, warm sea, delicious food, various fruits, cypress forests and many roses? Rhodes is a great solution. The ancient city of knights, smothered in greenery, is created for relaxation and enjoyment.

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Rhodes is located in the far north of the same-name island. This is its capital, which has been perfectly preserved since the Middle Ages and is now acquiring new buildings that are wonderfully intertwined with the ancient atmosphere.


It so happened that Rhodes is located at the intersection of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This has greatly influenced the development of culture for many centuries in advance. The first settlements appeared here in the Neolithic period. The city itself appeared as a result of the joining of Ialyssos, Kamiros and Lindos in the 5th century BC. Until Roman times, the city flourished due to active shipbuilding, trade and politics. Even at that time, the city could boast its own water supply and sewage system. During the Roman period, the city became a leading centre of science and art. The Romans borrowed the Maritime Law from the Rhodians and introduced it into their own one.

In the Middle Ages, Rhodes was a major Byzantine trading port at the intersection of the sea routes between Constantinople and Alexandria. But it didn't last long. In the 3rd century, a mountain tribe from Cilicia burned the city, and in the 7th it was captured by the Arabs. These were they who took the remains of the Colossus of Rhodes to Syria to melt them down into coins.

After this the era of knights came. The knights-Hospitallers settled here in 1307 after a hasty escape from the Templars from Crete. Their rights were confirmed by Pope Clement V.

The knights created a strong defense system with towers and ditches, which successfully coped with its mission. So, in 1444, the attack of the Mamluk fleet was successfully defeated, and in 1480, the attack of Turkish troops was successfully repelled, both from land and sea. The defeat of the Ottoman Empire stopped the Turkish attacks on the Italian peninsula and prevented Muslim control over Western Europe.

Unfortunately, the knights were nobbled. The Sultan promised them immunity if they left the island on their own with all their valuables. It was also promised that the population would continue to be able to profess Christianity without consequences.

The Ottoman period of Rhodes' history began in 1523. The Turkish rulers decided to expand the city significantly. They were actively building mansions for their nobles, markets, mosques, and other public places.

In 1912, the city fell under the influence of the Italians, who occupied the island along with the rest of the Dodecanese Islands and in 1923 established an Italian domain known as the Italian Islands of the Aegean Sea. This period was marked by a radical reconstruction of the city. Italian architect Florestano di Fausto decided to change the city plan completely. He demolished all the houses and outhouses of the Ottomans, leaving only ancient structures and fortresses. He built a number of buildings along the main embankment — St. John's Cathedral, the Governor's Palace. These structures intertwined eclecticism with Ottoman, Venetian, Renaissance and local motifs.

During the World War II, a bomb fell on the city, having killed people and destroyed a large number of ancient buildings.

Now the old city is under UNESCO protection, and the new city is constantly developing.

How to get?

Diagoras airport is 14 km from the city. From May to October, it accommodates many direct charter flights from different parts of the world. From there, the city can be reached by regular buses in 20-40 minutes. But be ready for the fact that it will be crowded — the local people also actively use them. The best option is a transfer. You will save not only time, but also money if you order it through the app.

What to see?

Old city

One of the most famous objects is the Mosque of Suleiman, built in the 16th century on the occasion of the Ottoman Empire’ victory over the knights-Hospitallers. It is considered to be the largest religious building in the old city. Now this beautiful medieval building is under reconstruction. The old Turkish market is located next to it.

The Acropolis of Rhodes

The Acropolis of Rhodes is located not far from the capital on the hill of St. Stephen. Every square inch of this place is steeped in history and is of great value to all humankind. You can explore the well-preserved temples of Zeus and Athens, the ruins of the Apollo’s temple, a small amphitheater, Odeon, ancient library and Roman stadium.

The Palace of the Grand Masters

The Palace was built in the 14th century on the site of the sanctuary of the God Helios. Once, it had functioned as the Governor's residence and administrative centre. Spherical towers, arched gates and 160 rooms made it the best representative of the Middle Ages in the city. Nowadays, restoration works are actively held here, since the building was severely destroyed. Twenty-four rooms with antique furniture, sculptures and vases are available for visiting.

Enjoy a leisurely walk to the port of Mandraki. There you can see not only beautiful yachts moored to the pier, but also picturesque mills that remind visitors of the rich past of the island. Many years ago, there were 14 of them, but only three have been restored.

If you want to see the city from a bird's eye view, go to the Roloi Clock Tower. This is not just a high medieval tower with a fantastic view of the Aegean Sea, but also a historical monument, since the clock on the tower dates back to the 7th century.

There are many religious monuments belonging to different faiths in the city.

  • Christianity: the Church of St. Panteleimon, dating back to the 14th century, where the relics of the Saint are kept;
  • Judaism: the Kahal Shalom Synagogue, which, in addition to its religious function, provides educational services. There is a small library with quite rare books and a museum dedicated to the life of the Jews on this island.

Don't forget to stroll along the street of the knights. It is justifiably called the most photogenic and mysterious. Many of the houses have knight's coats of arms, allowing you to determine whom it previously belonged to.

What to do?

Active recreation

In the early morning, we recommend going for a walk in Rodini Park. It is considered to be one of the oldest in all of Greece. Exotic flowers, neat palm trees, shabby bridges, overgrown paths, ponds with water lilies that would have inspired Monet to write another hundred paintings, make this place look like a mysterious jungle. Keep your phone with you — there are many beautiful peacocks that are not afraid of people!

After that, you can choose one of the following activities to do in Rhodes city:

  • sailing around the island;
  • cycling along the embankment;
  • diving with an instructor;
  • kayaking;
  • windsurfing.

If you are a strong and hardy tourist, you can walk along the fortress wall. The entrance to it is located in the courtyard of the Palace of Grand Masters. The price of the ticket is €2-3. Be ready for the fact that you will have a very hot walk in the true sense of the word — you can get to the wall only on weekdays from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m., when the sun is especially hot. In addition, there is almost no shadow along the entire route.

The local population definitely is not boring. Every year, bright festivals and holidays are held in Rhodes city in Greece, including:

  • the Medieval rose festival on the last weekend of May. At this time, the city is immersed in the old days: adults try on costumes of those times, chefs try to impress with their ability of cooking game, artisans organize workshops on forging iron and processing stone right in the streets and warriors compete with swords. There are puppet shows for kids. In the evenings, everyone can enjoy a fire show.
  • International Opera Festival in mid-July. For 10 days, the Palace of Grand Masters hosts world-famous symphonic music performers from Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Russia and China. In addition to concerts, lectures and master classes are held, which must be booked in advance.
  • Watermelon festival in July, during which participants cut out stunning figures and flowers from ripe berries.
  • Puppet theatre festival in August. This event will primarily be interesting for children, as they will be able not only to watch interesting performances, but also to make a puppet themselves under the guidance of masters.

Recreation for women

All shopaholics are forbidden to go to this city! Large supermarkets, markets, boutiques, street vendors — all of these beckon to spend money and buy souvenirs and clothes.

Be sure to visit the new market near the port of Mandraki. Its history dates back to more than 100 years. It appeared during the Italian occupation of Rhodes. This is a very beautiful building made of white stone with golden domes and a courtyard. Under its covered arches Greek restaurants, shops with Oriental spices, pastry shops and bars are located. And in the morning this place is a fish paradise for all gourmets — fishermen bring fresh catch.

Rest with children

Rhodes is a great choice for families with children. Here you will not have to think about how to entertain the schoolchildren and kids who are bored from the monotonous beach holiday. There are many centres of different directions for entertainment and exploring the surrounding world in the city:

  • Throne of Helios is a 9D cinema, which shows non-boring films about the history of the city. In addition, educational events are often held here, where children get to know the culture and traditions of the island while playing.
  • Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes is a research centre that has been observing the flora and fauna of the underwater world since 1935. It houses 40 aquariums and a museum with a unique collection of marine exhibits, including embalmed dolphins and sharks.
  • The Archaeological museum is a beautiful open-air place where among slender palms and exotic flowers you can get a closer look at antique sculptures, painted jugs, vases and other household items that were in use 2000 years ago.
  • The Cultural and Geological Palace of Rhodes is another place where young researchers will plunge in the fascinating world of history. In addition to fossils (the Museum specializes in Geology), there are religious artifacts and household items.
  • Rhodes' Mystery is escape quest club. It is considered to be one of the best on the island. You can choose one of the presented rooms and fully immerse yourself in an incredible adventure for 1 hour.

After an active holiday with children, we recommend visiting Gelateria Ice Art and treat children to a ball of chocolate ice cream on a Viennese waffle. In this cafe, each order is a mini-masterpiece of ice cream, waffles, chocolate chips, colourful dragees, berries, fruits and sweet sauce.

Recreation for adults

For intimate conversations and romantic dates with a goblet of cocktail, the Macao bar will be a perfect place. The highlight of the establishment is an open-air courtyard. At night, it is lit by candles on the tables and small garlands of lanterns. In the centre an island of the bartender is arranged, around which there is a bar counter. If you don't want to sit outside, there are a few ordinary loft-style rooms decorated with bright paintings.

If you are not a fan of neon lights, and the hits of electronic music give you a headache, then it's time to remember about the good old rock and roll and go to the Legends Rock Bar. This place has special atmosphere due to its interesting design. Stone walls, bright posters and a good selection of beer and other alcoholic beverages allow you to enjoy live music by local and other rock musicians. This is a popular rock venue, and therefore there is always a chance to get to listen to a foreign rock band.

For those who are looking for peace and relaxation, the doors of the Dali Extraordinary Art Bistro are open. The interior is designed with neon lighting, which creates a special atmosphere, complemented by panoramic windows with wonderful view of the city and a good range of cocktails.

Where to stay?

The capital of the island annually welcomes thousands of travelers from all over the world, so the question “where to stay?” has 1000 and 1 response. You can easily choose the appropriate option based on your goals, budget and wishes.


Locals often rent out their houses to tourists during the height of the season. We recommend searching for ads on local forums and websites. This way you can save a little money and protect yourself from swindlers.


There is a wide range of good villas for one, two or three families in the coastal area. But if you want to live closer to the Rhodes city centre, there are even more options there. You can book the villa you like through the app.


Cooks club City Beach Rhodes More Meni is a 5-star hotel located near Elli beach. The hotel's zest is an outdoor terrace with a swimming pool and beautiful views of the Aegean Sea. In the morning you can sunbathe and swim, and in the evening you can sit on a sun lounger with a glass of wine and enjoy the sunset. The hotel offers comfortable rooms in a European style to its guests, a restaurant with European cuisine and its own bar.

Mitsis Grand Hotel Beach Hotel is a 5-star hotel where every square metre is worthy of its own Pinterest board. The hotel boasts a huge well-kept area with a mowed lawn, flowering shrubs and a beautiful swimming pool with an unusual decoration in the form of a colonnade in the middle of it. There is also an indoor pool for the case of bad weather. The hotel has several bars, a restaurant with a wood-burning stove, a gym and a conference hall. An extra advantage of the hotel is the presence of a kitchenette in many rooms, which is suitable for families with children.

Bellevue Suites is a 5-star hotel where you can take the most beautiful photos for your accounts. A luxurious lobby, an indoor pool with panoramic windows overlooking the Aegean Sea, cozy and light rooms, a private beach — all these things make this place a great option for living.

What to taste?

There are many establishments in the city where dishes are cooked in a large wood-burning stove. Due to this type of cooking, they get a richer taste and aroma. One of these establishments is Phournariko. This is a small bakery where fresh bread, pita, pizza, loukoumades, croissants and other pastry are baked every morning. They will make coffee for you, and you will be able to enjoy breakfast at one of the small tables.

Mezes Restaurant is located close to the beach, so you can go sunbathing right after the breakfast. Take a freshly baked pita, a salad with salamogya (pickled cheese) and seasonal vegetables, a sapioriza (squid risotto), a traditional pie and enjoy the morning calmness with and a view of the sea.

Kringlan Restaurant & Cafe. Here they sell delicious pastries, sandwiches and huge multi-layer burgers. All this you can take with you and go to the beach.


Mezzaluna is a small and light cafe, where Italian and Greek motifs are wonderfully intertwined. The owner of the restaurant keeps to the open for client trend, so while you are waiting for your pasta with seafood or octopus with vegetables on the grill, you can watch all the cooking processes.

Rustico Restaurant is an unusual institution, the roof of which is formed by thick ivy that grows between the beams. Lunch here will appeal to everyone who does not count calories and likes to eat well: fried onion rings, breaded fish, French fries with sauces, fried steak with grilled vegetables and light beer to boot.

Paneri creative mediterranean cuisine. There is a hint at the name that the chefs of the establishment approach their work with inspiration and turn ordinary dishes of Mediterranean cuisine into real works of art. Here, even the simplest fish acquires a new unusual taste due to interesting combinations and special techniques.

Eros Restaurant is a family restaurant where even the owner can serve you. This place is very popular with the locals because of the pleasant waiters and delicious food. We recommend you to try the branded moussaka, tomato soup with garlic toasts, langoustines in tomato paste, feta in dough with honey, grilled halloumi and riffiki in clay pots.

Since the city is international, you can taste Texas chicken wings at Texas Fried Chicken, sushi and rolls at Sakura Asian Cuisine, Caprese and pasta at Trattoria Mediterraneo, paradam, curry, chicken Tikka masala and dupiaza at Sartaj Indian Restaurant.

If you live in an apartment and cook on your own, there is a Lidl supermarket in the city, as well as local supermarkets and supply stores where you can buy seafood, olive oil and cheese.


There are many cozy and atmospheric places in the city where you can have a delicious supper and enjoy homemade wine. Many restaurant owners strive to show the traditions and features of the island in the interior. Examples of such establishments:

Angela Castle. The interior decoration makes you believe that you are in the house of a priest or a middle-class merchant who gives you a hearty welcome with wine and seafood. The walls are made of whitewashed stone; you can see a lot of old wooden furniture and decorative items from the last century. The menu is quite simple: several salads with seafood, grilled vegetables, baked fish, squid and octopus, several types of meat dishes and desserts.

Alter Ego Summer is the Haute cuisine restaurant in the old city. A cozy courtyard, a small number of tables, soft lighting and hanging exotic plants create a special mood. The chefs here care not only about the taste of the dish, but also about its serving. Even ordinary bread and small compliments from the restaurant are beautifully served here, not only complex seafood dishes.

Wonder is one of the establishments that are very popular with locals. This is where they come on their first date, where they offer their hand, get married, and celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. The chef's fish soup is rumoured to be the best in the city. We also recommend you to taste salmon carpaccio and the seafood salad.

Capricci is an Italian family restaurant that serves dozens of different types of pasta, specialty salads, Focaccia, pizza, and wine is delivered from the best provinces of Italy.

Agalma is a restaurant that specializes in exotic dishes and seafood. Make sure to order the royal shrimp in garlic sauce and the specialty salad.


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What you need to know?

  1. The vacation with children is the best in September here. The sea is warm, and there are fewer tourists.
  2. Your beach holiday will largely depend on which coast you choose for your vacation, as Rhodes is washed by two seas. From the South-East it is washed by the Mediterranean sea — calm, without strong waves; and from the North-West there is the Aegean sea with strong waves and a rare calm.
  3. Between the ports of Mandraki and Emborio the centre of the Old and New Rhodes is located. There are all the necessary maps and information guides for travelers.
  4. Watch your step — in this Rhodes island city you can find many interesting signs and secret messages!
  5. Don't forget to taste a local dish called kapamas in restaurants. This is lamb meat stuffed with chickpeas or beans, cooked in an oven at a low temperature.
  6. If you are going to rent a car, then do it in advance, because during the height of the season it will be difficult to do it on site. Many travelers rent a car to see the entire island. This is not surprising, since it will only take a few hours to get around it.

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