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Koviou Beach

Nikiti,Sithonia,Halkidiki Region,Central Macedonia,Greece

General information

Koviou Beach is a tiny beach with crystal-clear waters. The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) certified it with the Blue Flag award for the quality of its facilities. This destination is a fine choice for a relaxing holiday with children who adore building sandcastles.

Koviou Beach peculiarities

The beauty of Koviou Beach fascinates. The same applies to the entire peninsula. It seems that nature has especially created this little Paradise for relaxation and endless recreation on the beach. When travelers get tired of daily hustle and bustle, they come here to do nothing, in the proper meaning of the word. The only “action” they do here lies in getting pleasure from the clearest azure sea, fairy nature, and warming summer sun.

Koviou is a small bay, which seldom has any waves. It is the first reason why you should bring your children for a holiday here. The local waters sparkle in the sun with all shades of blue quartz. When Koviou Beach weather is sunny, the sky becomes so saturated with the sparkles of the sea that it makes the horizon to merge with the sky. You can hardly take at least one picture, reflecting the full beauty of this heaven nook, and, especially, its white sand that can become perfect building material for your kids’ sandcastles, bridges, and tunnels. It is the second reason to spend a family vacation in Koviou Beach.

The sea entry is mildly sloping, which makes it a good choice for couples with children. There are no paths, specially equipped for people with reduced mobility here. Handicapped people will require additional help to move within the area. At the same time, the beachfront provides enough space for all visitors wishing to recreate. The beachfront here is relatively small. At the same time, this feature does not affect the popularity of this place: there are usually about 2-3 dozens visitors here. In most cases, travelers bring their private sun loungers and beach umbrellas here, due to which the beach might remind you of a multicolored field of flowers.

Koviou Beach is surrounded by the mountains and a beautiful pine-tree-olive-tree forest. It is a perfect hideaway from the heat, where you can enjoy a picnic and fantastic views of the bay. There are small rocks on the beach. Travelers are not allowed to dive from them due to the shallowness of local waters. At the same time, they serve as a perfect seat for observing local panoramas, especially in the morning and the sunset.

Koviou Beach Greece infrastructure

Koviou is a semi-wild beach. One the one hand, there are no shower cubicles, toilets, and shops here. Even the rubbish bins are scattered all over the beach chaotically. If you visit this place in the evening, you will notice a lot of used bags and bottles left by vacationers in it. On the other hand, there are several rows of sun loungers, belonging to the nearby Makedons hotel. You can rent one of them for the entire day at the cost of just €2. Furthermore, the beach sits close to the road.

What to do on the beach, which provides neither specially-equipped grounds for sport games nor beach bars? You can go in for volleyball, badminton, and even diving here. Yes, without instructors and lifeguards. Since local waters are shallow, you will hardly be able to get into trouble here. Moreover, you do not need to have a diving suit and diving cylinders. Having foot fins will be enough for you to explore the underwater flora and fauna.

Besides, in the vicinity of the beach, you can find a medical center of Agios Nikolaos. It helps travelers to recharge their batteries with the solar power of Greece and improve their wellbeing. The fairy scenes provided by the windows of the center inspire visitors for new trips and projects.

Koviou Beach Halkidiki location

Koviou Beach sits on the rocky coast of Halkidiki, between Ai-Giannis and Kalogria Beach, about 6 kilometers south of Nikiti. It will take you about an hour to get here from Kallithea, Sarti, and the hospital of Polygyros.

How to get

A trip by private vehicle is the easiest way to reach the beach. In order to do that, you will need to come out to the main road of the peninsula and follow the road signs up to the hotel Makednos, sitting right at the shore of Koviou Beach. Following the same road signs, you can find the Koviou Beach bar – Isla. To get there, you will need to branch off the main road and have a ride till the turnoff to Isla, where you can leave your transport. Besides, it is quite a good idea as there are no places for parking right by the beach. In such a case, you will have no other choices than to leave the vehicle under the boiling sun.


  • If you plan a trip to Koviou Beach, you should necessarily take “must-have” products and water. It is always hot here. Thus, if you face a need to buy anything, you will have to take a 10-minute walk along the heated concrete road. Do not forget to take wet towel wipes to clean your face and body after a swim in saltwater.
  • If you do not want to suffer from the heat of the sun and heated sand, you should bring a towel or a sunbed and a beach umbrella.
  • If you are going to try diving, you should necessarily put the swim fins on. Experienced travelers say that the sea-dragons and sharp pebbles are often found in the local waters.
  • Since there are no rubbish bins on the beach, you should also take a trash bag to leave this place clean after your visit.
  • If you are going to play games on the beach, do not forget to use sunscreen lotion in order not to get sunburned during the very first minutes of a holiday.

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Koviou Beach

(Ακτή Κοβιού, Koviou Beach)
  • Akti Koviou, Nikitis 630 88, Greece

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